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Chasing #Relationshipgoals

Why You Should Stop Chasing #Relationshipgoals By Thomas J Powell

Are you always looking for #relationshipgoals? Do you find yourself admiring relationships on social media and wishing that your own relationship could be like that? Although it may seem harmless, constantly striving for model marriages or friendships can have damaging effects. In this blog post, Thomas J Powell discusses why you should stop chasing #relationshipgoals and strive to create a healthy bond with your partner instead. By the end of this post, you will understand why it is more important (and beneficial!) to prioritize love rather than likes. So let’s dive right in!

Thomas J Powell On Why You Should Stop Chasing #Relationshipgoals

It’s easy to get wrapped up in what society deems as the ideal relationship, with picture-perfect moments and displays of affection that make your heart melt. According to Thomas J Powell, we live in a world full of social media, and it’s difficult not to compare our own relationships with those we see online. This can lead us to feel incomplete or unfulfilled if our relationships don’t measure up. 

Unfortunately, this comparison game is unhealthy and can have an adverse effect on both parties involved. When you are constantly chasing after what others deem as “relationship goals,” you are setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and your partner, which can be detrimental to the relationship overall. It’s important to recognize that what works for one couple may not necessarily work for another. 

It’s important to remember that relationships are unique, and no two will be exactly the same. Everyone has their own set of values, beliefs, and ideas on how they want their relationship to look and feel. Trying to mold your relationship into something it isn’t can cause resentment and unhappiness and even lead to an eventual breakup. Instead of setting goals based on what others have accomplished or are doing in their relationships, try focusing on your own needs and desires as well as those of your partner. This is a much healthier approach, both emotionally and physically. 

In addition to this, it’s important, as per Thomas J Powell, to recognize that any successful relationship requires hard work from both parties in order to grow and thrive. There is no magical formula for a perfect relationship, so it’s essential to remember that this journey will be filled with highs and lows along the way. The best thing you can do is focus on your own growth, communicate with your partner, and keep an open mind. 

Thomas J Powell’s Concluding Thoughts

Relationships should be enjoyable and stress-free. Rather than chasing after what society deems as “relationship goals,” take the time to get to know yourself and your partner deeply. This will help create a solid foundation for any healthy relationship. Thomas J Powell recommends not being afraid to let go of expectations set by others and focusing instead on creating something truly special between the two of you. Only then will you find true contentment, satisfaction, and love.